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Learn and Play the Game of Go
4652 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20016



Play Go at NGC and NOVA Go

The National Go Center maintains a regular weekly schedule of times to come by and play Go (Weiqi, Baduk) in Tenleytown, and on Monday nights at the NOVA Go satellite club in Arlington.  Beginners are always welcome. Check the Calendar for playing times. Note: as a convenience, times for Go clubs outside of NGC and NOVA are listed - contact them about any playing restrictions and/or fees.

Play is free for Youth, Basic & Full Adult, and Trial Members.

There is a $5 playing fee for Expired Members and Non-members.

Tournament Discount

AGA rated tournaments are hosted regularly at the NGC for players of all skill levels. The most common event is a 4-round Saturday tournament.

The full fee for a 1-day tournament is $24 for Expired Members and Non-members. Other types of tournaments may be announced with different fees.

Tournament play is 50% off for Youth Members. For Adult Basic, Adult Full, and Trial Members the discount is 25%.
For a 1-day tournament the discounted fees would be $12 and $18 respectively.

Class Discount

Classes at the NGC are announced by term with the next term starting in Fall 2019.

There is a 40% discount on classes for Youth Members. Adult Full Members receive a 20% discount. All others pay the advertised amount. Children and Adult Beginner Classes are not discounted.


All Members (Youth, Adult Full, Adult Basic, Trial) are eligible for a 20% discount on merchandise such as t-shirts, souvenir mugs, and books, etc.

Library Checkout

The National Go Center maintains a large library of Go books and magazines. Anyone visiting the NGC is welcome to read books from the library.

Adult Full  and Youth Members are allowed to check out materials and take them home for reading and study.

Senior Discount

Seniors 65 and older are eligible for a $10 discount when signing up for a new membership or renewing a membership. To get the discount, enter the coupon code SR65 when registering.