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Learn and Play the Game of Go
4652 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20016

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Fall Online Tournament
When: Saturday, November 14, 2020, 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM

Name Type
David Baran Non-members
Anderson Barreal Non-members
Patrick Blackstone Non-members
James Bonomo Adult Full Members
Robert Burdsal Adult Basic Members
Mei Cai Non-members
Cory Campbell Trial Members
Jack Cary Non-members
Taian Cha Non-members
Howard Cornett Non-members
Sebastian Dawid Non-members
Rujun Ding Non-members
Ninghan Duan Non-members
Marion Edey Adult Full Members
Lee Edwards Non-members
Laurie Ensworth Adult Full Members
Mario Espinoza Non-members
Arnold Eudell Adult Full Members
Alex Fan-Cui Non-members
PATRICK FERL Non-members
Gordon Fraser Non-members
John Gipson Adult Full Members
Vaughn Hannon Non-members
Avik Hardy Non-members
Paul Howard Non-members
Jerry Jaffe Non-members
Soren Jaffe Non-members
Bradley Johnston Non-members
Janar Kahr Non-members
Gurujeet Khalsa Non-members
Adam King Non-members
Michael Lash Non-members
Andy Lee Non-members
Dongho Lee Non-members
Jason Lee Non-members
Rick Lee Non-members
Trevor Leininger Non-members
Caleb Lesher Non-members
Nicholas Liddington Non-members
Sophie Lin Non-members
Alexander Lo Non-members
Benjamin Lo Non-members
Ragnarr Markssen Non-members
Jeroen Meijer Non-members
Jared Nishikawa Non-members
Moonhun Oh Non-members
Anna Perez-Lopez Non-members
Antonina Perez-Lopez Adult Full Members
Alexander Qi Youth Members (22 and under)
Robert Qi Adult Basic Members
Lewis Reining Non-members
Austin Robinson Non-members
David Rohlfing Non-members
Jeffrey Rohlfs Non-members
Pete Schumer Non-members
Terri Schurter Non-members
Michael Sherman Non-members
Elizabeth H. Small Adult Full Members
Haskell Small Adult Full Members
Garrett Smith Complimentary Members
Graham Stockton Non-members
Steve Stringfellow Non-members
Patrick Sun Adult Full Members
Evan Tan Non-members
Tevis Tsai Adult Full Members
Peng Wang Non-members
Fengqi Wen Non-members
Colin Williams Non-members
Po Kee Wong Non-members
ziting xu Non-members
Alan Yang Non-members
Eric Yang Non-members
Jason Yang Non-members
Kevin Yang Non-members
Kevin Yang Non-members
Tony Yang Non-members
Edward Zhang Non-members
Juliet Zhang Non-members
Andy Zhou Non-members
Angel Zhou Non-members
Anna Zhou Non-members
Derek Zhou Youth Members (22 and under)
Yixian Zhou Non-members
Steven Zilber Non-members