Learning to play

Where to play in person

  • At the National Go Center!

  • NOVA Go Club

    The Arlington Club has been meeting every Monday from 7 – 11 PM for 36 years.

Where to play online

Go on Youtube

Go’s presence on Youtube has exploded over the last couple years. Here are a few of our favorite accounts:

Go Study

Teachers & Schools

  • Yuan Zhou

    Area go teacher who offers individual lessons and monthly group lessons online.

  • Yunguseng Dojang

    Online go school run by Hwang Inseong structured around student leagues.

  • Guo Juan’s Go School

    An internet go school with an extensive library of lectures and a unique problem-oriented training system.

Go Development Resources

This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive: there’s tons more go activity out there waiting for you to discover it.

If any of the above information needs clarification or correction, or if you have any suggestions for something important we’ve missed, let us know.